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Thursday, January 25 2007

ttdnsd : The TOR TCP DNS Daemon

ttdnsd is a small dns resolver for TOR which I wrote during the last two weeks. It basically bridges DNS from UDP to TCP to allow DNS requests using the TOR network. I know that there are other solutions for doing DNS over TOR but non of the solutions I know about are usable on small hardware like a router that runs OpenWRT. ttdnsd is made to run on this kind of hardware (about 600 lines of C).

Feel invited to comment and report bugs.

So now that I kicked out ttdnsd I can dedicate my weekend to my new toy (the N800) ;-)

Got my N800

I just got my Developer Program Device, thanks Team@Maemo!

I tried my IpHome applet and it installs and works on my N800 just fine. In the coming days I will of course try my other applications and ports, and fix them accordingly.

For now everything looks cool and it seems to be a real nice second generation device!

More to come...

PS: Feel free to video call me on my N800: collin@jabber.org