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Tuesday, August 15 2006

Screenshots from the MMS Exploit

I posted some action shots of the PocketPC MMS / SMIL exploit on my PocketPC Security Research page. The screen shots are somewhat older (I think this might even be from the first day I got this to work). Anyway I just didn't want to keep these from you guys. Btw. as far as I remember I took the pictures with the camera of the i-mate PDA2k my only other test device next to the iPAQ h6315.

Trolltech Linux hacking Phone

check this out, it is supposed to be a mobile phone built to be modified/hacked. The hardware specs are pretty standard and are comparable with the PocketPC-based smartphones (WLan, Bluetooth, camera, usb). This looks super fun, hopefully it will be available to normal developers like myself.

This defently goes into the I want one category!