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Wednesday, December 15 2004

Changing the Bluetooth device class of the h6315

I just played with my h6315's registry (using PHM Registry Editor) and found this MinorClass key (in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BtConfig\General) which lets you (only!) change the MinorDeviceClass of your iPAQ. Now I have to find out how to change the MajorClass and the ServiceClass to build something like BtClass. I tried to add several keys like MajorClass or ServiceClass but non did work.

I will keep on working on this.

btChat and GAIM 1.1 ready!

I just uploaded the new version of btChat. No new features, sorry! But I released a binary version of the btchat plugin for GAIM (>= 1.1.0), this means you don't need to compile GAIM by yourself anymore. This was possible thru a change in GAIM itself, thanks! I hope a few more people will try out btChat now since they don't have to ugly compile GAIM.