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Wednesday, June 02 2010

The Tor TCP DNS Daemon: update

Jake started to integrate my TTDNSD into Tor extras. This is super cool since I developed this little piece of software that allows you to do arbitrary DNS over Tor using TCP in January 2007.

Please test and give feedback to Jake or myself.


PS: this is a result of this years awesome PH-Neutral!

Sunday, July 22 2007


I just uploaded ttdnsd. New in this version is support for running ttdnsd on your local computer (before you were only able to use it through a second computer or router). This new feature is made possible though a very simple LD_PRELOAD library that comes with ttdnsd v0.2. The setup is quite simple as you can see on the ttdnsd website.

Have fun with anonymous DNS over TOR.

Thursday, January 25 2007

ttdnsd : The TOR TCP DNS Daemon

ttdnsd is a small dns resolver for TOR which I wrote during the last two weeks. It basically bridges DNS from UDP to TCP to allow DNS requests using the TOR network. I know that there are other solutions for doing DNS over TOR but non of the solutions I know about are usable on small hardware like a router that runs OpenWRT. ttdnsd is made to run on this kind of hardware (about 600 lines of C).

Feel invited to comment and report bugs.

So now that I kicked out ttdnsd I can dedicate my weekend to my new toy (the N800) ;-)