Some friends and I want to use my SiteStak (actually you getting served by it right now) for a lot of things (web/mail/ftp/dns/...) so a friend and I kind of tuned it a little. First we replaced the two 2GB disks with a 9GB and a 18GB disk (more memory is also planned). The new and bigger disks (10k rpm) produce much more heat (actually we had a heat related system crash in our test phase) so we decided to put in some more cooling fans. In the end we only needed one.

Now we have 5 fans on the board, two to get fresh air in (disks / cpu) and three for pulling out the hot air. We now have about 35C at the disks and 40C at the cpu.


original but with new disks
unmodified system board ... with new disks
modified part with new fan
modified system board ... with new fan (the white cable with blue head belongs to a temperature sensor)
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